Below is a sample of some of the current mobile commerce applications bought to you by Touch to Buy.

Next to Jump

Next to Jump is a mobile application where you can have a bet on horse, harness and greyhound racing with only 4 taps, in less than 5 seconds. So you will never miss a race again! It also offers great odds.

 Next to Jump has a unique ‘Best Mates’ feature where you can see what people you follow are backing, you can even follow their bets. You have the ability to share your tickets on Facebook, twitter and via MMS, always being able to ‘Share your winners’.

 Next to Jump combines simplicity, ease of use and focuses on the social aspect of betting with friends. 


NTJ Screenshot.png

Next Contacts

Next Contacts is an application designed to benefit both optometrists and their busy patients who use contact lenses.

The application allows for the optometrist to automatically allow for re-fills of contact lens prescriptions, to send reminders to their patients of upcoming appointments and send out patient-specific offers.

Patients are allowed to instantly order re-fills by using only their smart device, which are fulfilled by the optometrist or their agent, to ensure quality. The patient is emailed a receipt and their credit or debit card is billed through our secure payment gateway. It also allows people to make and confirm bookings with their provider and to monitor the use by date for their lenses. All of these functions can be done in three taps.

Over time, this application will be made available to a variety of health care providers.

Next Contacts Screen 161013.png

Blue Dot Parking

Blue Dot Parking makes parking better for everyone.

Using only a smart device, customers download the application, complete the registration process and pay for parking in marked areas. For end-users, it means no more queues, searching for coins, or trying to get to a meter in the rain only to find it broken. All receipts are collated and can be emailed monthly, quarterly or annually. No more messy receipts for tax time.

For parking, people are charged for the time they use, usually in 15 minute blocks. A reminder is sent to customers to offer them the chance to add more parking. You no longer have to leave that meeting, or miss the game to go back to the meter.

Councils are our major clients. We believe that smart parking will provider considerable benefits for rate payers. Less and less meters will be needed, meaning lower collection costs, no maintenance or vandalism and a much fairer and more efficient allocation of parking inspector resources. Inspectors are provided with a special dash board which lets them know when parking is expiring in the area and that the end-user has declined to extend their time. The application can be enhanced to include permit zones for councils and other specific uses.

Blue Dot Parking is fair for everyone.