As an end-to-end business, we offer a series of services, from app design to after-sales service.

Mobile commerce apps


Our starting point is always to ensure the end-user has a great experience. Our m-commerce apps all have the following features:

  1. Ideally, no more than 3 taps or longer than 8 seconds. Anything more than this starts to bring into question why a mobile device would be the best way to transact.
  2. Simple, convenient and personal offers. We know that using your mobile device is a fun experience. Accordingly, we only put together apps that add to that sense of fun and enjoyment. Using your mobile device should never be a task.
  3. Security, security, security: everything we offer is based on a guarantee of security. We know that using a mobile can and should be more secure than any other form of transaction, including retail. We want to promote that and back our offers with that commitment.
  4. Loyalty matters. We design apps for repeat purchases. The sole focus of our loyalty is around the customer’s mobile device itself. We understand that a person’s choice of mobile device is as important as nearly any other buying decision that they make. We want to ensure that we support our customers’ device choices now and into the future. And, yes, we have an app for that very purpose!

Our m-commerce process


We have learnt that the design and flow of the app is crucial to ensure can deliver on our philosophy. We spend a lot of time on ensuring the design of the app is as simple and innovative as possible. We work with external designers and our own team to build the right solution. We prefer native apps over mobile web, because they offer consumers the best experience for them.
We work as hard on ensuring that we have an end-to-end supply chain within the few seconds it takes to transact. We ensure our API has proper interfaces with our partners to provide for immediate ordering and receipting. Where we supply physical goods (or where our partners do) we ensure logistics meets expectations.
For us, this means the front-end process of actually delivering m-commerce apps may take longer than if we just wanted to get something out there. Our view is that the more we invest on a good experience now, the much greater our prospects of being successful long term.

Partnering with your business – why m-commerce could be better for you

Mobile commerce is unique. It is the only sales channel in history that not only allows you to transact anywhere, anytime, 24 hours a day, but knows exactly when and where you do it. We know that this requires on-going attention and we tailor solutions accordingly.

  • m-commerce is not e-commerce. m-commerce can be used to drive people into your business and not away from it. m-commerce offers can, for example, be tailored so that to get the offer, the customer has to come into the store to redeem it. Better still, you can make offers available to your customers only if they are in your store!
  • Unlike e-commerce, which for most businesses is way too expensive with a high proportion of fixed costs, mobile commerce can be very affordable.
  • We want to ensure that any solution is simple, profitable and well understood by the only people that matter – the customers. Accordingly, we make a point of ensuring that our customers are provided with the right training and support to make m-commerce good business. We are able to help businesses design and customise their own app, train their staff on how to load apps and how to get people to use them, as well as educating them on explaining how secure and easy the right m-commerce app is to use.
  • We understand that like all advertising it has to remain fresh and relevant, so we provide on-going support on changing the offers, ensuring the back-end is able to seamlessly accommodate updates and recommend the right analytics tools to maximise the learning from customer experiences.
  • Mobile commerce for small business is affordable. Let us know what your ambitions are and we can help you with everything from building an inexpensive application, allowing mobile payments to work with your bank, helping you decide on the best value communications solution to make it work and even help you build an annual calendar of offers.

Above all, we can help design solutions which get more people shopping with you more often.

Brand owners


We love working with great brands. The most successful m-commerce businesses will be those brands who can connect to their customers in the most simple and innovative ways which reflect the best of the brand’s values.

If you have a great offering to sell, but do not have the end-to-end support required to make it work on a mobile, let us help. We can help with app distribution strategies, loyalty schemes tailored for mobile, fulfilment, retail training and promotions.