Matthew Donnellan - Director

Matthew has been in communications for 20 years, as a lawyer in public, private and in-house practise, as an executive at Vodafone and then as the CEO and major shareholder for 10 years for AMT, which was at the time one of the largest privately owned communications businesses in Australia. It was sold for $85m in 2012. Matthew is passionate about communications and considers mobility and mobile commerce in particular as one of the great sources of innovation, excitement and efficiency for this century.


Mark Blackwell - Director

Mark launched his first iPhone application in late 2008 (three months after the App Store first launched), and has long seen the disruptive potential of an internet-connected computing device carried in everyone's pocket.  Prior to founding Touchtobuy with Matthew Donnellan, Mark's professional background was in the finance industry, where he covered the telecommunications and utilities sectors as a stock market analyst for Morgan Stanley, and as a management consultant for LEK and AT Kearney.  He holds a Master of Information Technology and a Bachelor of Commerce.