Who we are

Touch to Buy is a company founded by people who understand the power of mobility to change human behaviour, improve lives and drive business efficiency. The world is irreversibly going mobile.

We are a company committed to ensuring that for certain purchases m-commerce can work far better than e-commerce or traditional retail ever can. If done correctly, m-commerce is far more convenient, spontaneous and safer than any other form of purchase.


Our Vision

Our vision is to build a business which treats mobile commerce as a best-in-class channel. We design applications, “apps”, which solve everyday problems best resolved using mobile commerce. Touch to buy is not only a name – we know it will become a way of doing business for millions of consumers. Accordingly, we will focus on apps that recognise both the opportunities and limitations of mobile commerce. Our goal is to ensure our customers and partners can transact with a minimum number of touches, under 8 seconds and be assured of a great and seamless experience.